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Experience Design
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Lagoon Shrimp (2020)

-Logo Design   
-Auxiliary Design
-Brand Guideline


Auxiliary Design
Lagoon Shrimp Packaging

Lagoon Shrimp (2020)

A new shrimp seafood brand, express the traditional, fresh, and natural product from Phatthalung, Thailand.

Lagoon Shrimp is a fresh shrimp product that tourists often buy as souvenirs.


The brand logo represents the lagoon in Phatthalung, which have 3 types of waters. So, I design 3 circles around the shrimps

in the symbol.

The color palette of this brand inspired by the color of the sunshine on the river. Including water blue, white and brown

as the primary colors.


Auxiliary Design
Lagoon Shrimp Packaging


Online Content
Lagoon Shrimp Website 


Auxiliary Design
Lagoon Shrimp Packaging


Auxiliary Design
Brand Flags

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